2019 Australian National Judo Championships 7-10 June

The 2019 Australian National Judo Championships will be held this weekend 7-10th June at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre.

The event will be the culmination of months of hard work and sacrifice by many of our club players. Judo International Judo Club will have 18 members representing WA at the championships (see details below). We are already very proud of all of them for the commitment and determination that they have shown in their preparation. We are looking forward to watching them all compete at the championships and wish them all the very best of luck.

You can view live contest draws and results via the Judo Australia JudoLive system. Details for Masters events are not available on the JudoLive system, but can be viewed via the Judo Australia Veterans Facebook Page.

You will also be able to watch live streaming of the competition. Please go the the Judo Australia website for details. Contests will commence from 8:30am Queensland time which is 6:30am Perth time.

You can visit the Judo International facebook page over the weekend to see photos and results.

Please see the Event Schedule and a list of Judo International club members and their divisions below:

SATURDAY - Junior & Senior Boys/Girls

Max FINLEY - Junior Boys -30kg

Maelie TOURNIER - Senior Girls -32kg

Zsofia BERTA - Senior Girls -48kg

Ben FINLEY - Senior Boys -40kg

Liam SIBONI - Senior Boys -40kg

Vas MIDDLETON - Senior Boys -40kg

Timeo TOURNIER - Senior Boys -45kg

Kimi JOST - Senior Boys -45kg

SUNDAY - Cadets/Junior/Senior Men & Women

Aaron BRYSON - Cadet Men -55kg

Adam BERTA - Cadet Men -60kg

Saya MIDDLETON - Cadet/Junior/Senior Women -63kg

Jordan BOXELL - Junior Men -66kg

MONDAY - Masters/KYU/KYU Masters

Luc TOURNIER - Masters -66kg

Peter MIDDLETON - Masters -73kg

Andras BERTA - KYU/Masters/KYU Masters -73kg

Joe FINLEY - KYU/Masters/KYU Masters -81kg

Marty O'DEA - KYU/Masters/KYU Masters -81kg

Slawek MISIUN - Masters -100kg / KYU Masters +100kg