How can I Build Resilience in my Child? Resilience in children is topical at the moment. There is concern that children are growing up without the important life skills to cope with challenges. Parents worry that their child can’t easily bounce back from adversity. Parents want to know how to help their children to become… Read More Building Resilience in Children

Congratulations to the Judo International club members who successfully passed their senior judo grading today. There was a good spread of grades awarded from yellow belt up to brown belt. Thanks to Senior Judo Instructors Clemens Geiselhart and Ludo Fol for assistance on the day.     Read More Successful Senior Judo Grading

In April this year our head coaches undertook a study tour to Japan, visiting some of Japan’s most successful children’s judo clubs. We are pleased to see that many of the subtle changes made to our own children’s judo classes in Perth following this visit are now starting to show great results in student participation,… Read More Japan Study Tour Reaping Benefits

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 20th August 2018 we will commence a specialised Adults Beginner Judo class twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30-7:10. This class will include stretching and fundamental judo techniques. It will be low impact with no standing or ground-work randori. It will be a great place… Read More New Adult Beginners Judo Classes