Club Results for 2019 Australian National Judo Championships 7-10 June 2019

18 club members from Judo International made the trip east this year to compete in the 2019 Australian National Judo Championships held on the Gold Coast.

Everyone worked hard in the weeks and months leading up to the competition and gave it their all on the day. We are extremely proud of everyone who competed and thank all of our club members and their families for their support of the players. As always, it's been a who team effort.

Special thanks go to club coaches Joe Finley and Luc Tournier who assisted all weekend coaching club players and to Kathryn Bryson who assisted the Judo WA state team management. We would also like to thank and congratulate State Team Manager Fiona Iredale and the team at Judo WA for their organisation and management of the WA State Team.

Medal results for Judo International club members follow:


Maelie TOURNIER        Senior Girls -32kg

Vas MIDDLETON          Senior Boys -40kg

Timeo TOURNIER         Senior Boys -45kg

Andras BERTA              Masters Men M2-M4 -73kg (KYU)

Marty O’DEA                 Masters Men M3-M4 -81kg



Liam SIBONI                 Senior Boys -40kg

Saya MIDDLETON      Cadet Women -63kg

Andras BERTA             Masters Men M2-M3 -73kg

Joe FINLEY                  Masters Men M3-M4 -81kg

Joe FINLEY                  Masters Men M3-M5 -81kg (KYU)



Saya MIDDLETON      Junior Women -63kg

Saya MIDDLETON      Senior Women -63kg

Jordan BOXELL          Kyu Men -66kg

Luc TOURNIER            Masters Men M4 -66kg

Peter MIDDLETON     Masters Men M5-M6 -73kg

Marty O’Dea                Masters Men M3-M5 -81kg (KYU)

Slawek MISIUN           Masters Men M6 -100kg (KYU)