Club Results 2021 Judo Nationals, 11-14 June 2021

This year the club sent a team of 16 athletes to the National Championships held in the Gold Coast, Queensland 11-14th June 2021. Unfortunately judoka from the state of Victoria were not able to attend Nationals this year due to covid-19 restrictions. However, for the other states and territories that were able to attend, the event was a great success.

We are extremely proud of all of the athletes from Judo International that attended the event. They all displayed great courage and skills and are a credit to themselves and the state of WA. Credit to Judo Australia, Judo Queensland and the many volunteers for hosting a successful and well run event.

Special thanks to club coaches Luc Tournier (JudoWA State Coach) and Joe Finley for coaching at the event and for all the wonderful support from parents and club members. Club results follow:


Chloe TOURNIER         Junior Girls -36kg

Zechariah NAVEA        Junior Boys -36kg

Oliver HOGARTH         Junior Boys -42kg

Ben FINLEY                  Senior Boys -55kg

Saya MIDDLETON       Junior Women -63kg

Saya MIDDLETON       Senior Women -63kg

Luc TOURNIER             Veteran Men -66kg

Joe FINLEY                   Veteran Men KYU -90kg


Peter MIDDLETON     Veteran Men -73kg

Marty O’DEA               Veteran Men -81kg

Joe FINLEY                  Veteran Men -90kg


Hannah McHENRY      Senior Girls -52kg

Hunter LAY                  Senior Boys -60kg

Estela HOGARTH         Cadet Women -57kg

Timeo TOURNIER        Cadet Men -55kg

Estela HOGARTH         Junior Women -57kg


Timeo TOURNIER        Junior Men -60kg


Liam SIBONI                  Cadet Men -60kg


Mia SIBONI                    Junior Girls -32kg

Maelie TOURNIER       Senior Girls -44kg