Club Results for 2021 WA Judo State Championships, 14th March 2021

It was a fierce day of great judo competition today at the 2021 WA State Championships. Congratulations to everyone who took part and thanks to volunteers Lorna, Joe, Luc and Ronen for support on the day. A huge thank you to the team at Judo WA for putting on such a great event. Club results follow:

Gold Medalists

Leilah Lavea            Monstar Girls -30kg

Jordan Lavea          Monstar Boys -34kg

Mia Siboni               Junior Girls -32kg

Chloe Tournier        Junior Girls -40kg

Oliver Hogarth        Junior Boys -42kg

Saxon Lay               Junior Boys +55kg

Ben Finley               Senior Boys -55kg

Hannah McHenry    Senior Girls -52kg

Estella Hogarth       Cadet Women -57kg

Timeo Tournier       Cadet Men -55kg

Timeo Tournier       Junior Men -60kg

Timeo Tournier       Senior Men -60kg

Saya Middleton       Senior Women -70kg

Martin O’Dea           Veteran Men -81kg

Silver Medalists

Hunter Lay              Senior Boys -55kg

Regev Yiftah           Senior Boys -60kg

Zsofia Berta            Cadet Women -57kg

Liam Siboni             Cadet Men -55kg

Vas Middleton         Cadet Men -60kg

Adam Berta             Cadet Men -73kg

Zsofia Berta            Junior Women -57kg

Zsofia Berta            Senior Women -57kg

Lexis Mason            Senior Men +90kg

Martin Trajkovski     Veteran Men -73kg

Andras Berta           Veteran Men -81kg

Bronze Medalists

Cooper Popp           Junior Boys -34kg

Zechariah Navea    Junior Boys -38kg

Liam Siboni             Junior Men -60kg

Adam Berta             Junior Men -73kg

Liam Siboni             Senior Men -60kg

Adam Berta             Senior Men -73kg

Timur Tagiev           Senior Men -81kg

Jacob Lekias           Senior Men -90kg

Rudi Muller              Veteran Men -73kg


Max Finley               Junior Boys -38kg

Nicolas Orogun       Junior Boys -42kg

Sagi Regev             Senior Boys -60kg

Jordan Boxell           Senior Men -73kg