Club Results, 2022 Judo Australia National Championships, 10-13 June 2022

This year Judo International had a team of 21 athletes in the WA State Team for the 2022 Judo Australia National Championships held in the Gold Coast 10-13th June. The event is the culmination of many months of work at the club and we are extremely proud of the dedication and commitment shown by everyone on the team leading up to the event.

2022 has been the club's best year for medal results with 25 individual medals (9 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze) as well as 3 bronze medals for the junior mixed team event. However, it's not just about medals. Judo is a journey and every tournament is a stepping stone of progress, regardless of the result. The achievements are a credit to everyone involved, from the athletes themselves to the club players who push them at training, parents, friends and coaches. Special thanks go to all of our club coaches and to Peter, Luc & Joe for supporting our athletes all weekend at the event. We also thank Judo WA and the state coaches for their organisation, management and support for the WA state team.

Individual results are listed below. Now it's time for a short rest, before refocusing and looking forward to the next challenge!


Mia SIBONI                         Junior Girls -36kg

Chloe TOURNIER              Junior Girls -40kg

Zechariah NAVEA             Junior Boys -38kg

Timeo TOURNIER             Cadet Men -55kg

Zsofia BERTA                      Senior Women KYU -57kg

Luc TOURNIER                   Veteran Men V4 -66kg

Jake LEKIAS                         Veteran Men M3 KYU -81kg

Jake LEKIAS                         Veteran Men V2 -81kg

Martin O’DEA                    Veteran Men V6 -81kg



Maelie TOURNIER            Junior Women -48kg

Vas MIDDLETON               Cadet Men -60kg

Jake LEKIAS                         Senior Men KYU -81kg

Andras BERTA                    Veteran Men V4 -73kg

Joe FINLEY                           Veteran Men KYU M5 -90kg

Joe FINLEY                           Veteran Men V4 -90kg

Slawek MISIUN                 Veteran Men V7 -100kg



Leilah LAVEA                      Junior Girls -32kg

Isaac CHINCHILLA             Junior Boys -46kg

Siboni/Touriner/Navea WA Junior Mixed Team Event

Hannah McHENRY           Senior Girls -52kg

Maelie TOURNIER            Cadet Women -48kg

Zsofia BERTA                      Cadet Women -57kg

Zsoifa BERTA                      Junior Women -57kg

Liam SIBONI                       Cadet Men -60kg

Timeo TOURNIER             Junior Men -60kg

Slawek MISIUN                 Veteran Men M7 KYU +100kg



Nicolas ORUGUN             Junior Boys -38kg

Lena WOLAK                      Senior Girls -36kg (unopposed at -32kg)



Max FINLEY                         Senior Boys -40kg

Ben FINLEY                          Cadet Men -60kg

Liam SIBONI                       Junior Men -60kg