Club Results for 2022 Judo WA State Championships, 20 March 2022

Many thanks to the team of volunteers from Judo WA who put on a fantastic event for the 2022 Fuel to Go & Play Judo WA State Championships today. It is great to have events being run despite the current difficult circumstances.

A huge congratulations to all of the competitors today. Everyone performed well and did us proud. It was especially rewarding to see many of the team have the courage to fight up a weight or age category to get a fight due to smaller numbers than usual. Those that did so, did it with courage and incredible fighting spirit. Thanks also to Timur Tagiev for volunteering on the first-aid station and to club coaches Joe, Luc & Pete who supported the team throughout the day.

Full club results are below:

Gold Medalists

Alexander Roth (UWA), Monstar Boys -21kg

Cesare Roth (UWA), Junior Boys -27kg

Leilah Lavea, Junior Girls -32kg

Mia Siboni, Junior Girls -36kg

Zechariah Navea, Junior Boys -38kg

Chloe Tournier, Junior Girls -48kg *

Lena Wolak, Senior Girls -36kg *

Hannah McHenry, Senior Girls -52kg

Zsofia Berta, Cadet Women -57kg

Liam Siboni, Cadet Men -60kg

Zsofia Berta, Junior Women -57kg

Jake Lekias, Senior Men -90kg

Lewis Mason, Senior Men -100kg

Andras Berta, Veteran Men -81kg


Silver Medalists

Isaac Chinchilla, Junior Boys -42kg

Nicolas Orugun, Junior Boys -38g

Ben Finley, Cadet Men -60kg

Zsofia Berta, Junior Women -63kg *

Michael Bell, Senior Men +100kg

Martin O’Dea, Veteran Men -81kg


Bronze Medalists

Alexander Taylor, Monstar Boys -27kg

Max Finley, Junior Boys -40kg

Oliver Hogarth, Junior Boys -45kg

Maelie Tournier, Cadet Women -57kg *

Liam Siboni, Junior Men -60kg

Tom Kelly, Senior Men -73kg



Jordan Lavea, Junior Boys -38kg *

Sagi Yiftah, Cadet Men -60kg

Regev Yiftah, Cadet Men -60kg

Rui Mo, Senior Men -90kg

* Competed up an age and/or weight category