Club Results for Fremantle Open 17th February 2019

The first WA judo competition for 2019 at the Fremantle PCYC proved to be a great day full of judo action. Thanks to the team at Judo Ryu for hosting the event.

Well done to all club players who competed, especially those taking part in their first judo competition. Special thanks to club coaches Luc Tournier and Joe Finley for supporting the players all day.

Full results are listed here and please visit our flickr page for photos.

Gold Medalists

Mia Siboni                Mon Girls -26kg

Chole Tournier        Mon Girls +26kg

Maelie Tournier       Senior Girls -30kg

Zsofia Berta             Senior Girls -48kg

Ava Hartnett            Senior Girls -52kg

Vas Middleton          Senior Boys -40kg

Timeo Tournier       Senior Boys -45kg

Charles Demierre    Senior Men -66kg

Marty O’Dea            Masters Men -82kg

Silver Medalists

Finn Petersen          Mon Boys -26kg

Finley Jost               Junior Boys -30kg

Kimi Jost                  Senior Boys -45g

Matt Spence            Masters Men -85kg

Bronze Medalists

Nicolas Orugun        Mon Boys +30kg

Max Finley               Junior Boys -30kg

Liam Siboni              Senior Boys -40kg

Kimi Jost                  Senior Boys -50kg

Kai Ng                     Senior Boys -55kg

Harry Gordon          Senior Boys +70kg