Club Results for Kano Cup, Sunday 5th May 2019

Congratulations to all the club members who competed at the Kano Cup judo competition on 5th May 2019. Thanks to club coaches Joe and Luc for supporting the team all day. Medal results follow:

Gold Medalists

Mia Siboni                Mon Girls -27kg

Mia Siboni                Junior Girls -25kg

Maelie Tournier       Senior Girls -36kg

Zsofia Berta             Senior Girls -52kg

Vas Middleton          Senior Boys -40kg

Kimi Jost                  Senior Boys -45kg

Kai Ng                     Senior Boys -50kg

Saya Middleton        Cadet Women -63kg

Adam Berta             Cadet Men -60kg

Jordan Boxell           Junior Men -66kg

Saya Middleton        Senior Women -63kg

Joe Finley                Masters Men -81kg


Silver Medalists

Chloe Tournier        Mon Girls -27kg

Nicolas Orugun        Mon Boys -30kg

Liam Siboni              Senior Boys -40kg

Chester Lord           Senior Boys -45kg

Aaron Bryson          Cadet Men -55kg

Andras Berta           Masters Men -81kg


Bronze Medalists

Harry Biddeloo        Junior Boys -34kg

Ben Finley               Senior Boys -40kg

Ava Hartnett            Senior Girls -52kg

Jordan Boxell           Junior Men -73/81kg

Marty O’Dea            Masters Men -81kg