Club Results SouthWest Beginner’s Tournament, 17 July 2022

Club members had a great day today at the SouthWest Beginner's Tournament in Port Kennedy. Open to judoka of all ages orange belt and below, it was a great opportunity for our less experienced members to have a go at competition. Many thanks to the team at SouthWest Judo Academy for another excellent competition.


Freya Shah - Monstar Boys/Girls -22kg

Jordan Lavea - Monstar Boys/Girls -50kg

Leilah Lavea - Junior & Senior Girls -32kg

Isaac Chinchilla - Junior & Senior Boys -45kg

Lotte Brueckner-Green - Junior & Senior Girls -48kg


Lena Wolak - Junior & Senior Girls -32kg

Rui Mo - Senior Men -90kg

Rui Mo - Senior Men Open