Club Results SouthWest Judo Championships, 16th October 2022

A small and enthusiastic team from Judo International competed at the SouthWest Judo Championships in Port Kennedy on Sunday 16th October 2022. It was a great day of competition and we are proud of all the competitors for their fantastic efforts and performances.

Special thanks to Joe for making the journey to Port Kennedy to coach, as well as Maelie and Saya for coaching support.

Gold Medalists

Jordan Lavea         Monstar Boys -42kg

Leilah Lavea          Junior Girls -32kg

Zechariah Navea   Junior Boys -38kg

Chloe Tournier       Junior Girls -44kg

Liam Siboni           Cadet Men    -66kg

Liam Siboni           Junior Men -66kg

Silver Medalists

Kai Bird                 Monstar Boys/Girls -24kg

Nicolas Orugun      Junior Boys -38kg

Isaac Chinchilla     Junior Boys -50kg

Mia Siboni             Junior Girls -44kg

Bronze Medalists

Cesare Roth          Junior Boys -34kg

Other Placings

Nikole Boyer         4th Place Monstar Boys/Girls -24kg

Mason Hewett       6th Place Senior Men -90kg