Club Results SouthWest Judo Championships, 31 October 2021

Congratulations to all of the club members who attended the SouthWest Judo Championships in Port Kennedy today. It was great to see strong participation across so many categories as well as lots of first time competition players giving it a go. We are really proud of everyone's performance and the positive attitude taken to each and every fight.

Special thanks to club coaches Luc and Joe for coaching support all day and to all of the family members who attended in support of club players. Full club results follow:

Gold Medalists

Leilah Lavea                     Monstar Girls -30kg

Mia Siboni                        Junior Girls -36kg

Chloe Tournier                 Junior Girls -40kg

Alex Roth (UWA)             Junior Boys -22kg

Cesare Roth (UWA)         Junior Boys -27kg

Zechariah Navea             Junior Boys -34kg

Oliver Hogarth                 Junior Boys -46kg

Maelie Tournier                Senior Girls -52kg

Sagi Yiftah                        Senior Boys -60kg

Timeo Tournier                Cadet Men -60kg

Timeo Tournier                Cadet Men -66kg

Martin O’Dea                    Veteran Men -81kg

Silver Medalists

Lena Wolak                      Junior Girls -32kg

Cooper Popp                    Junior Boys -34kg

Regev Yiftah                    Senior Boys -60kg

Lewis Mason                    Senior Men Open

Bronze Medalists

Kai Bird                            Monstar Boys -22kg

Hassan Barr                     Monstar Boys -24kg

James Brown-Neaves      Monstar Boys -30kg

Jordan Lavea                   Monstar Boys -38kg

Isla Brown-Neaves           Junior Girls -52kg

Lotte Brueckner-Green    Junior Girls -44kg

Isaac Chinchilla                Junior Boys -46kg

Timeo Tournier                Junior Men -73kg


Adam Mansour                Monstar Boys -24kg

A’kos Guczi-Kidd              Monstar Boys -24kg

Daniel Kim                        Monstar Boys -27kg

Liam Siboni                      Cadet Men -66kg