Club Results WA International Open 10th & 11th November 2018

Congratulations to all of the club members who competed in the WA International Open this weekend.

For photos from the event, please visit our flick page.

Gold Medalists

Max Finley               Mon Boys -28kg

Maelie Tournier       Junior Girls -32kg

Ben Finley               Junior Boys -42kg

Vas Middleton         Senior Boys -40kg

Timeo Tournier       Senior Boys -45kg

Aaron Bryson          Senior Boys -50kg

Danielle Forknall      Senior Girls -63kg

Danielle Forknall      Senior Girls +63kg

Marty O’Dea            Masters Men -81kg


Silver Medalists

Mia Siboni                Mon Girls/Boys -24kg

Chloe Tournier        Mon Girls -27kg

Zsofia Berta             Senior Girls -44kg

Liam Siboni              Senior Boys -40kg

Adam Berta             Senior Boys -55kg

Jordan Boxell           Cadet Men -66kg

Jacob Lekias            Senior Men -81kg

Andras Berta           Masters Men -81kg


Bronze Medalists

Nicolas Orugun        Mon Boys -33kg

Toby Gasiorowski    Mon Boys -33kg

Ryan George           Mon Boys -36kg

Kimi Jost                  Senior Boys -44kg

Harry Gordon          Senior Boys +66kg