2020 Club Award Winners

On Saturday 12th December we gathered to celebrate our achievements in 2020 and to recognise special contributions and efforts for the year. Congratulations to the following annual award winners:

Leila Lavea - Most Improved Junior of the Year

Zsofia Berta - Senior Girl of the Year

George Jahn - Ethics and Attitude Award

Timeo Tournier - Cadet of the Year

Nissim Yiftah - Senior Player of the Year - Beginners

Martin Trajkovski - Senior Player of the Year - Advanced

Nicole Boyer, Mia Siboni & Vas Middleton - Commitment to Attendance Awards

We also recognised and thanked our many volunteer coaches that have done so much throughout the year to assist the club and our athletes:

Andras, Clemens, Danny, Joe, Luc, Ludo, Marty and Ronen.

Thanks to everyone that came along for the event. We look forward to another big year in 2021!