Adults Judo

Class Options

Adult judo classes are open to cadets (+15yrs) and above.

There is no upper limit on age. We welcome men and women of all ages and levels.

We are proud to have a broad cross section of players who train together regularly and support each other’s development.

There is a strong emphasis on mutually beneficial training and care for training partners.

Crash mats are used regularly for low impact throwing practice.

Grading System

Judo International is a registered club of Judo Australia and we follow their standardised national grading syllabus.

Students work through a series of ranked grades which are symbolised by coloured belts:


Gradings are conducted several times throughout the year.

All grades up to and including brown belt are assessed by club instructors. Dan gradings (black belt ranks) are conducted by a state grading panel.


There are a range of competition options available for athletes who wish to engage in competitive judo outside the club environment.

A number of local competitions are held in the Perth area through out the year which provide a low-key introduction for students.

State and National Championships are held annually.

Judo Australia provides pathways for elite level athletes to represent Australia at international competition from cadet level (+15yrs).

At the state, national and international level athletes are able to compete in veterans divisions from 30 years of age.