Children’s Judo

The benefits of judo for children include fitness & flexibility, co-ordination, self-confidence, focus and control. Our children's classes are very active and fun. This is balanced with discipline and respect. We want students to enjoy judo and part of that is learning important life skills such as manners, rules and commitment.

Four Key Elements of a Class


What to Expect from a Class

Students practice barefoot in a cotton judo suit tied with a belt at the waist.

Boys and Girls train together in the same class.

All classes have a minimum of 2 instructors, at least one male & one female.

Classes begin & end with students lining-up to bow and show respect.

The first part of the class focuses on warm-ups, fitness, flexibility and strength exercises.

The middle of the class is for technical tuition and practice.

The last part of the class includes randori or free practice.

Educational opportunities for values are taken during the class as appropriate.

Testing for grading progression is conducted after class.

Class Options

3-4 year olds

5-12 year olds

12-15 year olds