Ludo Fol

NICK NAME: Judo Ludo and all variations including the two.

JUDO GRADE: 1 Dan Black Belt


AGE STARTED JUDO: 10 years old

FAVOURITE TECHNIQUE: I'd love to have a good Tai Otoshi

FAVOURITE JUDO PLAYER: Ryoko Tani (the greatest)

FAVOURITE JUDO MOMENT & WHY: State Championship in France, lost in quarter finals against Fred Cessin (great player and immense knowledge of judo). Repecharge fight, my coach was busy so Fred sat on the chair and coached me to the bronze medal. Being on the podium next to such a great man with the best values I have met in judo. He even taught me the newaza move he used afterwards.

MOTTOs: No one has ever been undefeated in judo. Fighting a better opponent constantly is the best way to improve.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: Funny, honest & impatient.

WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH: All the fun and sense of humour of the guys at the club. It feels great to train hard and laugh.

ROLE MODEL: My grandfather


FAVOURITE FOOD: All the traditional French meals: snails, frog's legs. I am a big bread eater.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: Winners have solutions, losers have excuses.

FAVOURITE CITY: Gresin, France (population: 200)

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Ludo Fol 2018 Australian National Champion M1 -81kg