Results for Fremantle Open, 8th March 2020

Well done to all club members who took part in the Fremantle Open judo competition today. There was great representation from the club and plenty of spirit and technique on display. Many thanks to club coaches Luc, Joe and Ronen for support on the day. Full club results are listed below and you can view photos on our facebook page:

Gold Medalists

Nicolas Orugun / Junior Boys -38kg

Maelie Tournier / Senior Girls -40kg

Zsofia Berta / Senior Girls +50kg

Ben Finley / Senior Boys -45kg

Vas Middleton / Senior Boys -50kg

Ragev Yiftah / Senior Boys -55kg

Timeo Tournier / Cadet Men -55kg

Jordan Boxell / Junior Men Open

David Hang / Senior Men -100kg

Marty O’Dea / Masters Men Open

Silver Medalists

Chloe Ogle / Junior Girls -30kg

Saxon Lay / Junior Boys +44kg

Sagi Yiftah / Senior Boys -55g

Adam Berta / Cadet Men -66kg

Andras Berta / Masters Men Open

Bronze Medalists

Abbey Haddow / Junior Girls -32kg

Max Finley / Junior Boys -34kg

Izzy Haddow / Senior Girls +50kg

Liam Siboni / Senior Boys -50kg

Toby Bryson / Junior Men Open

Toby Bryson / Senior Men -73kg

Martin Trajkovsk / Master Men Open


Mia Siboni / Junior -30kg

Chloe Tournier / Junior Girls -30kg

Kai Ng / Junior Boys -32kg

Hunter Lay / Senior Boys -50kg

Kai Ng / Cadet Men -60kg

Aaron Bryson / Cadet Men -60kg

Daniel Adamov / Senior Men -81kg