Results for Judo Ryu WA Open Competition, 15th September 2019

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Judo Ryu WA Open today. Medal or not, everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks to the team at Judo Ryu for putting on the event and for all the family members who came along to support the club. Special thanks to Judo International club coaches Luc Tournier and Joe Finley for supporting the club athletes on the day. Medal results are listed below:

Gold Medalists

Mia Siboni / Mon Girls

Cooper Popp / Mon Boys

Nicolas Orugun / Mon Boys

Harry Petersen / Junior Boys

Maelie Tournier / Senior Girls

Zsofia Berta / Senior Girls

Ben Finley / Senior Boys

Vas Middleto / Senior Boys

Timeo Tournier / Senior Boys

Jordan Boxell / Junior Men

Jordan Boxell / Senior Men

Andras Berta / Master Men

Silver Medalists

Finn Petersen / Mon Boys

Chloe Tournier / Mon Girls

Abbey Haddow / Junior Girls

Fynnlay Jost / Junior Boys

Saxon Lay / Junior Boys

Liam Siboni / Senior Boys

Adam Berta / Cadet Men

Marty O’Dea / Master Men

Bronze Medalists

Chloe Tournier / Junior Girls

Chloe Ogle / Junior Girls

Max Finley / Junior Boys

Kimi Jost / Senior Boys